Test Case Automation

Compatibility Testing (Configuration Testing) & Performance TestingCompatibility Testing (Configuration Testing) & Performance Testing

With proper test planning and reasonable expectations, the use of automated tools and automated test cases appears to be a good way to reduce the time spent on analysis of a software product. Now we are going to briefly discuss some of the guidelines that govern a test case automation. Test Automation is a type of software development activity that requires having the same experience and expertise as with any other software production process. If you plan to spend time, money and effort to automate test cases, you are recommended to read this article.

Below are some guidelines for automating test cases. Certainly, the following principles should be tied to specific conditions.

  • Automate only those test cases that will be repeated a sufficiently large number of times in order to make such automation cost-effective. If you intend to automate tests that need to be run only a few times, the estimated cost of automation can exceed the expected benefits.
  • Develop manual test case in the first instance and only then proceed to automate it. The test cases should be debugged with intent to ensure that the manual test procedure is correctly defined and the configuration of the test case is functioning correctly. Attempts to simultaneously debug the testing methodology and code that automates this technique may prove to be ineffective, and, in the worst case, they can cause errors to occur in the test case. If a manual test case is debugged at the earliest, it becomes the basis against which the automated test case can be verified. Automated testing service is used to reproduce predefined and pre-recorded actions, compare the expected results with actual results, report the failure or success of these tests to a test engineer.
  • The manual test procedure being automated must be clearly defined so that the automation engineer can focus on development of program code, and not think about how to run a specific test step.
  • Define the standard coding practice and adhere to its requirements. Automation is software that must be developed as carefully as the software product under test. If you plan to use automated scenarios as regression tests, then it is possible that they will be needed for a long time. Eventually, it can happen that the tester using the test scenario, and its developer are different people. In such situations, clearly written and properly documented code is an indispensable condition for its effective operation.

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