Debugging While Coding

What Are Code Coverage Tools?What Are Code Coverage Tools?

Do you know how to simplify a debugging process when you are bogged down in coding work? Most people call this process “defensive programming,” but some prefer to think about it more and more deeply – similarly as interested people do about proactive programming or debugging while coding.  According to a certain expert, defensive programming can be defined as an error handling code telling you that an error has occurred. Preventive programming lets you know why an error has occurred.


Creating a secure code is only part of the struggle to fix bugs. Usually, experts try to conduct obvious defensive maneuvers – let us say, check that the pointer to a line in C ++ is not NULL, – but, in most cases, they do not take additional measures: do not check the same parameter to ensure that there is enough storage space to store the longest single line of code. Preventive programming implies performing all possible actions to avoid the need to use the debugger and, instead of this, force the code to independently report problem areas. Debugging is one of the biggest world’s problems since this process takes too long, and to avoid the issue, the code should send accurate messages about any inconsistencies. When entering any line of code, stop and think about what you expect if everything goes well and how to make sure that exactly this situation will take place with each execution of this line of code.


Do not hesitate asking a quality assurance consultant to advise you on how to ensure successful software development as this person knows much about this subject.


It is simple: errors do not appear in the code by the wave of the hand. The “secret” is that you and I make them when writing the code and there may be thousand sources of these annoying errors. They may be caused by such critical problems as design flaws, or simple ones like typos. Although some errors are easy to fix, there are some that cannot be fixed without serious changes in the code. It would be good to blame Gremlins for the errors in your code, but it should be recognized that it is you and your colleagues who introduce them in there. (If you are reading this article, it means that your colleagues are mostly responsible for mistakes.)


Since you and other developers are responsible for errors in the code, there is the task of finding ways to create check and reporting systems that will help you to find errors in the course of work.


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