Website Speed Test & Website Analysis

Website Speed Test & Website AnalysisWebsite Speed Test & Website Analysis

Load time of any website and page’s speed performance greatly influence search engine traffic and bounce rate. Website visitors tend to be concerned about the speed more than all whistles and bells we want to add to our e-commerce resource.

There are simple and advanced tools for testing page speed, mobile browser performance, search engine optimization. You should measure not only the speed of your own web host, but also that of your competitors’ sites. Follow the recommendations for action to improve ranking in Google search results.


Tools help website owners not only examine site speed but also improve overall health of web portals. Page loading time is imperative for overall website’s user experience. Users get annoyed with low performance, slow loading or unresponsive web sites. Fast-loading sites operate smoothly, better from all aspects: higher conversions, better user experience, more long term satisfaction with your brand, better engagements, higher search engine rankings results and accordingly increased revenue. It is a common practice to hire the best software testing companies to apply these during the verification process because you have no experience in using them they may appear to be ineffective.    


Here are some tools that will help your website to load faster:


Google’s Page Speed ​​Online


Google’s Page ​​Speed ​​Online is a free web test tool that not only allows you to check how your website reacts under normal and high workloads and how well it is optimized for speed; but it also offers detailed suggestions on how to improve it. Additionally, it also comes with the best practice report for mobile web performance optimization.




Pingdom lets you to find out what about a website is fast, slow, too big, and the best methods that you are not following. All tests are carried out in real web browsers, so the results have test environment similar to production environment (what end users use). Tests remain unchanged, so you can monitor your website’s performance over time.




GTmetrix provides you with the ability to capture a web page from multiple locations, enabling more realistic tests and measure performance of your website across different mobile devices. Speed up your site today and at that receive valid recommendations to resolve all your problems.


Load Impact


Load Impact makes it possible for you to run large-scale load tests with 1.2 million of simultaneous users. It concurrently generates load from up to 10 different locations and even adds more destinations. Load Impact simulates traffic exactly in the way it will happen in real life.




The Dotcom-Monitor speed test provides the user with the opportunity to choose which browser to test: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and mobile browsers, including iPad, iPhone, etc. You have the chance to test your website load speed from 20 locations around the globe. At the end of the test, users can commit to the performance reports and analyze the waterfall charts.

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