Security Testing. Change Based Testing

Security Testing. Change Based TestingSecurity Testing. Change Based Testing

Security testing refers to verifying how a website is protected against unexpected actions that cause it to stop operating or being exploited. It helps to reduce security risks and also support functionality.


You may simulate real world attack on your website in order to check it for exploitable vulnerabilities and better understand whether your website is secure enough or not. This is called penetration testing.


The other type of security testing, known as vulnerability testing, identifies and classifies security vulnerabilities in the environment. It helps to measure total number of network security risks. Be informed, that the best specialists from Ukraine provide security testing service on a regular basis and at a reasonable price.  


Security testing is used to:


prevent unauthorized users from accessing the guard page with sensitive data;

automatically stop checking sessions after long user idle time;

test SSL security;

identify all tampering attempts, error messages, etc. which are then recorded and saved in a separate file for future testing;

check how captcha works using automated test scripts;

make sure that files or folders with limited access are not downloaded without permission;  

make sure that when entering the wrong password or user ID there is no access to the system.


Get familiar with useful security testing tools: Proxy Google Nogotofail, Retina CS Community , Veracode, OWASP Zed Attack SQL Map.


Change-based testing


Change-related testing pursues two main goals:


  1. Make sure that all reported bugs have really been fixed and no longer exist. (this is repeat testing or confirmation testing). Simply speaking, you need to run test cases affected by each recent source code modifications made on the entire web app. Thus, in so doing, you will be able to determine if this change will break something that was working correctly before this change.    
  2. Make sure that the older programming still work correctly with new changes and no new bugs have been introduced in the program. It is a regression testing which is aimed at confirming that newly added features have not adversely affected the previously working version of the software.  Apart from tests cases that passed earlier it also contain a set of tests meant to verify all features of your website.


HP Quick Test Professional, Selenium, TestComplete, TestDrive, SoapUI are the most frequently used change-based testing tools. Choose the one, you like.

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